What’s going on now?

This is a quick blog about what’s going to going on this blog now. I have kind of gone everywhere with this blog so my loyal followers thank you so much. But now I will be changing this once more. This blog will be specifically for my travels once more. Once I graduate college I […]

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Alright everyone I’ve been back to school for a week now. And most people have been in school now for quite some time. This is just a back to school for all of us. Tips, motivation, and random thoughts. Start of strong to finish strong The temptation to skip class is real. If you never […]

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Summa ’16

So this is it. Summa 16 is over. Tomorrow early in the morning I head back to school. All summer I had been living at home with parents working and hanging out with friends. Now it’s back to college life. I go to college about a 12 hour drive from my home and friends, but […]

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I’m back

Sorry for this long wait since I have last written for you. I’ve been really busy with my jobs. But I am back. I will try to be more consistent especially because I want to let you know things going on in real time. I want this blog from now on to be a help […]

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Today I am taking a break from the regular talk to talk about today. Today is the day we celebrate the United States of America’s independence from Great Britain. I am an American and I am proud to be an American. Despite all the things going on in our country, I honestly do love America. […]


Trust the Process

So today I’m going to be talking about the process and sharing my opinions on products, diets, and programs. (As a disclaimer I am an It Works distributor so I will talk about and endorse those products for sure.) So personally I don’t think there is a problem with any of them depending on your […]

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Update 1

So now starts the series of updates. These will just be updates holding me accountable.  So I have lots 4lbs in the past 5 days. This is a major feat for me. I am very happy and proud of this. Tune in the next few days to see what I did. Carpe diem, Mallory

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Today I am talking about my 6 top reasons I have for losing weight. These are my own personal reasons. Some of these reasons may not apply to you. I realize one or two of these may be controversial and you may not agree, but feel free to comment your opinion for open discussion. My […]

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A Loser’s Journey

So today I am just being candid and speaking with y’all about something very personal to me. I hope everyone understands that the carpe diem of this blog encompasses so much. I would like to talk to everyone about health/ weight. To be able enjoy traveling to its full extent you need to be in […]

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