First stop Oman!

The first country I will visiting the sultanate of Oman. It is located on the southeastern coast of the Arabian Peninsula, to the east of Yemen and south of Saudi Arabia. The national language of the Omani people is Arabic and the national religion is Islam. I will be going during the summer where the average temperature is about 102 degrees. (I know sooooooo hot). I will be wearing dresses, skirts, and pants that come to my ankles as well as shirts that go to my elbow or below. I have read many website where they suggest always wearing a scarf because you may not know when you will need to cover your head out of respect to the country and people.

For those interested in studying abroad especially in a Middle Eastern country, you will need to be up-to-date the customs as to not offend the locals as well as not to stand out as much. The key is to blend in as much as possible and to not look like a tourist. When you look like a tourist you are more to be targeted by scammers. Also it is very important to be a little familiar with the language of the country you will be visiting. Your study abroad program will give you a lot of that information, but I suggest you do some research yourself. Pinterest is a plethora of information. You can follow my Study Abroad board which has a lot of information on various studying abroad tips

One last thing I want to say about studying abroad is money doesn’t matter. When I say that I mean, don’t let the price tag of your trip determine whether you can go or not. If you want something bad enough you can you’ll be able to do it. Study abroad programs can range from $2,000 TO $3200 depending on the program and destination. Popular destinations tend to be more expensive, for example a trip to Barcelona, Spain will be more expensive than Granada, Spain using the same program because Barcelona has many more tourist. Destinations closer to you (I’m speaking from the perspective of a US student) are cheaper than those further away, for example Sydney, Australia is much more expensive then San Jose, Costa Rica. Either way the price should not dictate whether you decide to go or not. There are many scholarships available for those who want to study abroad. Your study abroad program may offer scholarships as well. Check through my study abroad board on Pinterest to see links to a few websites. Also some countries encourage study abroad programs so they offer them for free. You just have to find them. You can also create gofund for your trip and put the link on Facebook and send to everyone you’ve ever emailed. I even once read that someone likes to go through go fund me and add to different people’s project. You can also send letters to family and friends explaining what you want to do and your goals. Lastly you can raise the money yourself such as selling items. My jewelry from the Big, big world collection [link] help fund all of my trips. So in conclusion don’t let money dictate whether you should study abroad or not.

Hope you enjoyed and I could help. Check back here daily to read more about my trip and see pictures. I will try to update daily. You can also follow my Instagram @wanderlustingandcarpediem to see more pictures.

Thanks for reading.

Carpe diem,



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