Something new and exciting

For those who don’t know I am going Muscat, Oman!!!!! Originally I was going to go to Morocco, but due to internal issues within the program my trip there was cancelled and I was given this awesome to go to Oman. Either way I know my steps are ordered by the Lord. And I am over joyed for this opportunity. I will by studying Arabic and receiving a full immersion in this new culture. My plan is become one step closer to being fluent in this beautiful

This will truly be a trip of a lifetime. I will be spending approximately 14 and a half hours in the air. Experiencing airplane food and airplane movies which I have never done before. This is a completely different culture, a different lifestyle, and a different language!!!! I couldn’t be more elated. I’ve been preparing for this weeks. Watching youtube videos, reviewing Arabic daily, and reading numerous blogs from pinterest. If you are interested in studying abroad I suggest you follow my Study Abroad board on pinterest it has many tips that have been very helpful for preparing for my program.

Going to another country who’s so different from your own. You must keep an open mind. You must be willing try new things. And most importantly you must be prepared to go outside your comfort zone. My goal is to not say no to anything. I want to take full advantage of this experience and opportunity and the only way to do so it to be willing to go outside my comfort zone.

Check back here daily to read more about my trip and see pictures. I will try to update daily. You can also follow my Instagram @wanderlustingandcarpediem to see more pictures.

Thanks for reading.

Carpe diem,



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