Finally here

I have finally gotten time to write. It has been my second day here in Muscat, Oman. My first day was absolutely wonderful. I spent so much time on the plane that finally stepping off was wonderful. When traveling long flights it’s best to drink lots of water. Nothing is worst than being sick and uncomfortable on a 13 hour plane. I took a 13 hour flight to Dubai then a short 40 minute flight to Muscat with Swiss Airlines. They gave us complementary chocolate which of course was delicious.

I was very happy to be off the plane. But it was very hot, as expected. At about 11pm Omani time it was a whopping 99 degrees!!!! Unheard of especially in the states. Immediately the heat was overwhelming. Going through customs and getting money exchanged was pretty simple. As expected the people who worked at the customs and money exchange spoke English well. Once I met up with the program I’m studying with, they took us to a designated flats. A flat is an apartment. Apartments here are just called flats. I joked that my flat was better than my dorm at school which I mean it kind of is better. I immediately took a shower, unpacked, and went to bed.


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