The Perfect Day

the clear blue Arabian Sea

the clear blue Arabian Sea

Today was by far the best day I have had since visiting Oman. My group, also known as Squad, went dolphin watching and snorkeling in the Arabian Sea which feeds into the Indian Ocean so basically the Indian Ocean. And it was magical. We shared the boat with two other families, but they didn’t seem to mind the loud American young adults. I had never been dolphin watching before and it was a great experience. I recommend everyone goes at least once. It was great to see such incredible creatures. We share this planet with some awesome animals I think everyone should take a few times to appreciate it. I wish I c

beautiful dolphins

beautiful dolphins

ould be more descriptive about my experience better, but I can’t put it into words. Don’t worry I have pictures.

The next part of the trip was snorkeling. We dropped the other two families off and we enjoyed the company of just squad the next half of the delightful adventure. On our way to the snorkel spot we were able to see beautiful land marks.I had never seen such clear blue water before today. It was beautiful. It was also saltier than any other ocean I have been in just something to note. The fish were also very colorful which added to their beauty. We were so close we could feel them brushing against our feet. I even touched a sea cumber! To me, the most important thing were the coral. There were so much coral. I had actually never seen a coral reef before and it was definitely something I’ve always wanted to do. They were beautiful and just everything I had ever imagined. I haven’t even completed one week yet and this trip has already given me so many opportunities to do things I have never done and for that I am very grateful.

The Sultan's Palace

The Sultan’s Palace


Oman is a wonderful place. It is definitely a hidden gem. There are so many beautiful places and so many amazing things to do that vacationing here would be awesome. Which is honestly something you wouldn’t expect because not many people have heard about this wonderful country. When telling people about where I was going, the look of utter confusion came across their face which is unfortunate because from what I have seen and experienced so far (my opinion can change, I doubt it will) this is an incredible country. I am very happy to be here. Like I said earlier, today was magical.

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