The Royal Opera House

11147137_670655303066555_3345530635333308281_nSo Sunday I went to the Royal Opera House to see musical about Ibn Buttuta. He was an explorer from Morocco where he traveled to China, North and West Africa, South Central, and Southeast Asia, and Eastern Europe. I suggest reading a little bit about him. He was an interesting man.

To go to the play we had to dress up. It is considered a luxury and only high class people attend. I wore a hibiyya and a hijab. There was a sign saying that Omani men were require to where thawbs and women were required to be covered up. It was definitely a higher class of people.

In the play a young University student was writing a report on Ibn Buttuta then all of sudden he appeared. He took her through a portal to his past. The play took us on magical trip with vibrant colors, exceptional singing, and magnificent dancing. I won’t spoil the rest for you, but it was amazing. As someone who took ballet and participated in theatre, I appreciate a great play and this my friends was a great one. You get a chance to see you should.

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Carpe diem,




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