Arabic: The Language

Yesterday I had my first test. It was difficult. I believe I did well, but I would never say that it was easy. The Arabic language itself is very different from English. Personally to study I break it down into three categories. I learn how to pronounce it using phonics by writing the pronunciation in English, I learn how to write it Arabic, then learning what I means in English. Unlike languages such as Spanish and French you have to learn an entirely new alphabet! Also there are some letters that don’t have a sound in English. All in all it’s quite a complicated language compared to English. But it is beautiful and I absolutely love it.

The Arabic language has been around since before the 6th century. It is a Sematic language and written in script. It is read from right to left and has 28 letters. Similar to the English language there are different dialects. So people in Oman may pronounce words differently than those in Egypt. 1/7th of the world population speaks Arabic.

It is a beautiful language and I really do enjoy learning it. I highly recommend it if you want to take it a challenging language that will make you stand out.


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