The next step 

Wanderlusting and carpe diem is about traveling and taking hold of allyour opportunities that come your way. Wanderlusting is defined as “a strong desire or urge to travel and explore the world.” This blog is about that desire and sharing the world with others. But that’s just one aspect the second half of the blog is called carpe diem. And carpe diem means seize the day. After watching Dead Poet Society (an excellent movie that I highly recommend it), my teacher explained how carpe diem was the similar version to the then popular term YOLO. But carpe diem is more responsible and less idiotic version.
Unfortunately at this moment I am not traveling so the general theme of the blog will be changing just a bit. I will talk about current international events and other things going on in my life and the world that relates to traveling and exploring the world also to the bigger picture. The bigger picture refers to things that are bigger than just us. It refers to helping others especially those who can’t help themselves which is something very important in my life. I believe everyone who is blessed must help others. “With great power comes great responsibility.” Therefore look forward and get excited about the new things coming to Wanderlusting and Carpe diem.


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