An Intern’s Life

After I came back from my wonderful trip in Oman, I came back home for about two weeks then I spent six wonderful weeks interning on Capitol Hill and boy was it exciting. I had the opportunity to be one of infamous Capitol Hill interns and it was glorious. I learned a lot about the political process and was able to be totally immersed in American history. It gave me a new perspective on my career goals and also gave me a chance to focus on my future.

This post is going to be more of an informative post about interning not just in DC, but also interning in general.

One thing I want everyone to know is that any internship whether in DC or your hometown is something serious. You should treat it like a real job you may have in the future. You should dress appropriately which can mean a blazer and pencil skirt or a t shirt and jeans depending on where you intern. For my internship, business attire was appropriate. A huge tip is that a blazer can turn just about any dress or outfit into business attire.

Not only should you dress appropriate you should act appropriately. Behavior in an office setting is much different than in your classroom. Your inside voice is more appropriate then the yelling one does at a club with loud music blaring. Office conversation is much different than when you are speaking candidly with friends. It may not be wise to discuss your late night escapades.

This is a chance to do lots of networking not just with people in your career, but also other students who have similar interests and goals as you. You’ll be with some many other people who have similar interest and you can all help each reach your goals.

Another thing is it gives you an opportunity to see where you possibly may be working in the future or decide that you absolutely loath your job options. Like I said previously, it gave me a new perspective on my career goals and helped me decide and confirm things about my future. An internship will do the same for you. Internships look great on resumes. They give future employers a hit of who you are and what you are capable.

I highly recommend everyone does an internship some time during their college and even high school experience.

I will not be giving specific details about my internship on my blog, but if you want to know more about my internship and what I did or have any questions don’t hesitate to ask me in the comments or email If you have any questions, comments, or concerns please feel free to leave comments in the comment section. Also follow my Instagram @wanderlustingandcarpediem for more pictures.

Carpe diem,



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