Taylor’s Trip to Spain


Like I have said before I will not be a traveling for a while. I am not the only one I know who has been out of the country and have amazing stories they want to tell. I have interviewed some of my friends who have also been on some crazy adventures. I will now be posting excerpts of the interviews once a week. These students have studied abroad and I will sharing their experiences with you. Here’s your first one:


My first interview was with Taylor a sophomore at Seton Hall University who traveled to Spain Summer of 2015. Her flight to Spain was eight hours long.  While in Spain her program allowed her to travel to Madrid, Granada, Barcelona, Toledo, and Tarragona. There she lived in an apartment with a host family and one other girl from her program. Her workload was similar to one at her college. She went with one girl from her sorority. For her program the classes she took were in Spanish because she took Spanish classes, but the teacher was more than willing to assist her students and the university offered a lot of resources.

If you go to Seton Hall University and are interested in learning more about her program please continue to read and you can contact me or leave comments in the comment section.


How did you prepare (research, changing diet, packing, ect):

I googled what the weather was like in Spain to figure out what to wear, and I researched what method of payments would be beneficial in Spain (changing US dollars to Euros) not using credit cards.

What were some of the most important things you packed:

My adapter so I can charge my cell phone and laptop, sun screen, and a razor.

What did you use the most:

I used my adapter the most and sun screen when I went to the beach everyday.

Name the one thing you are so glad you packed and name the one thing that was unnecessary:

Aloe just in case if I got burnt. One unnecessary thing was a blow dryer.

What were some differences you noticed about the people compared to Americans:

People in Spain are never tired they siesta everyday so they have enough energy to go out at night. They are also very laid back, no one is in a rush ever. They casually walk everywhere and going out to dinner takes double then in the U.S.

How did the country perceive Americans:

Spain is not a fan of Americans. But many people in Spain were welcoming and happy we picked Spain to “vacation in.”

What was your favorite food:

My favorite food was this pasta with clams in it. Also the croquettes were really good also.

What was your favorite restaurant:

Cactus it was this Mexican restaurant that made awesome gauc and chips and margaritas.

How did you get around (car, walk, bus, ect)

We walked everywhere. We only took a bus to school, the airport, and each weekend we took a bus to a different city.

What was your favorite thing to do:

My favorite things were going to the beach, eating at Cactus, shopping, and going to the local bars at night.

How was the nature (describe the beaches, mountains, valleys, ect):

The beaches were very beautiful it was an eye opener compared to the Jersey Shore. There was no garbage on the beach, the water was clear with little waves, and no danger of sharks (my favorite!) These beaches the women were topless and the men wore speedos, this was also very different for me to see compared to the U.S. beaches.

What were some differences between the boys there and the US:

Boy were very tan, very skinny, and built much smaller. They were very friendly and had more confidence talking to girls. Excellent dancers/ dance teachers.

What were some differences cultural wise between there and the US:

They do not know what personal space is, they will squeeze by you if they have to. Last but not least people in Spain do not really follow waiting on line waiting your turn in fast food restaurants they will cut people and not think anything of it.

What were some just random differences (everyone uses tissue paper instead of napkins, people don’t use ice, ect):

They don’t own dryers they hang their clothes outside on a line.

Describe the best experience you had while you were there:

I loved many things about this trip but my best experience would be going to Barcelona and seeing Tove Lo perform live in a club.

Any other experience, feeling, or emotion you would like to relay:

We went to a bullfight one of the first nights we were there and there were so many emotions that went over me. It was so cool seeing what other countries do for fun. They would bring cooler of food and drinks in play music and get excited for the matadors to perform it felt like a tailgate. It was crazy seeing all the people in the stands celebrating and cheering when the bull was dead I thought I was at the NFL football game. It is so crazy to me to think if this was going on in the U.S. someone would be going to jail but in Spain it is a very important tradition they keep sacred to their hearts.

Would you recommend this destination to a friend why or why not:

Yes I would recommend it because it is something different and new and it is a good area to go to. It is safe and it is a great place to explore if it is your first time in Europe.

Any tips for those who plan on studying abroad:

Talk to people who did the same study aboard just so you have an idea of what to expect. Over packing is a must. And exchange dollars for euros in the U.S. it saves you money.

Anything else you would like to tell me:

Gelato is bae

I hope you were able to get a glimpse of what it was like to travel to Spain and were just as excited as I was writing this post. Like I’ve always said if you have any comments, questions, or concerns please feel free to leave a comment and follow my Instagram @wanderlustingandcarpediem

Carpe diem,




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