Semester in Washington DC

Well this semester my wanderlusting will be taking me to the great city of Washington DC. The capitol of the United States. If you remember I spent 6 weeks in Washington DC this summer as well interning. Well this entire semester I will be spending my time in Washington DC sucking up the culture, learning more about the political process of the United States, and taking two classes. I am very excited and thankful for this opportunity. I will be sharing stories from my experience from the classroom to the living in DC as a young college student. I’m going to take this time to talk about Washington DC if you did not read my previous post about it.

Washington DC is actually not state it’s an independent entity. It’s named after the first president of the United States George Washington and the Columbia in District of Columbia was named after Christopher Columbus. It is the capitol of the United States where the president lives in the White House. The capitol building, Lincoln memorial, Washington monument, and the National Zoo are all located in this specific area. When it’s time to vote, Washington DC does not actually have a vote. There is a non- voting delegate in Congress. Washington has their own sports team. A football team called the Washington Redskins, a hockey team called the Washington Capitals, a men’s MLS soccer team called DC United, a NBA team called Washington Wizards, a WNBA team called the Washington Mystics, and a baseball team called the Washington Naitonals.

It’s an amazing city full of history and a little bit of mystery that I am so excited to share with you all. If you have any questions, comments, or concerns please feel free to leave comments in the comment section. Also follow my Instagram @wanderlustingandcarpediem for more pictures.

Carpe diem,



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