Tiny Glimpse of Washington DC

Hey everyone! Today’s post is about living in DC as an intern/ young adult. I’ve been here for almost a week and it’s been fun. I work Monday- Thursday and have classes on Fridays.

Washington DC is a walking city. Everyone basically walks everywhere. I highly recommend investing in a good pair of sneakers. It’s also very good exercise. In areas there are a lot of places that are close by each other.

Many people take the metro to places they can’t immediately walk. When you get on the metro you will see so many different types of people. People going to work, people going to school, or just people driving around. At many stops, similar to New York there are people playing different instruments or doing other types of similar activities when you step off the metro. It’s quite a spectacle.

DC is also a town designated for young adults. You will see many young adults going to work and off at bars, clubs, ect. It is also a city that’s done better if you’re 21. Many places only allow people with IDs with 21 and up into the places.

I will give you more tidbits of the city later. Like I’ve always said if you have any comments, questions, or concerns please feel free to leave a comment and follow my Instagram @wanderlustingandcarpediem

Carpe diem,



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