My Washington DC experience

In case you didn’t know I spent the first semester of my junior year interning in Washington DC through a program my school has for my major. I was blessed with the opportunity to intern at the Supreme Court of the United States. This has been the most exciting and challenging experience of my life. I can see how I have matured and all the knowledge I have gained over these past months. I had the opportunity to see the White House Garden, the west wing decorated for Christmas, the controversial Abigail Fisher case, and many more experiences.

Working for the Supreme Court has been the best job I have ever had (even better than my extensive lifeguard career, though I did enjoy those years). It was the best work environment, the nicest coworkers, a great schedule, and I mean it’s the highest court of the land. The Justices literally make history and were just one floor above me. I will admit I didn’t know much about the Supreme Court before I started my internship, but I can definitely tell you the ins and outs now. I have always been interested in law though, criminal law not constitutional. (I participated in Teen Court all throughout high school and it was the highlight of my high school career.) I learned soooooooooo much about the legal system. The work environment was the best out of all of the interns I have met. I’m concerned I will never find another environment like that. If you have the opportunity, doesn’t matter the type of law you’re interested in, I highly recommend working for them.

Working full time Monday-Thursday and taking two full credit classes was a little difficult. There were times I was tired and just didn’t want to do any work. Though it was difficult, I loved the classes I took. One of the classes was called The Washington Experience. It gave us a sense of some of the things that go on in Washington DC. It’s part of what made me fall in love with the city. DC has the urgency that New York has, but everything else has a Southern vibe which is why I loved it.

This experience also caused me to grow up physically and mentally. I lived in an apartment with three other girls and about 15 other people. We call it a house because it wasn’t a normal apartment. For the most part our house got a long very well. To eat I had to learn to cook.  I could cook basics, but I truly learned to cook for myself during my experience. Not just making pasta, but healthy options such as butternut squash. I also started a work out regime. One of my roommates, who coincidently became my best friend, started doing crossfit and I joined her a few times. It was actually fun. At first It was very intimidating, but I hope to continue it. One thing I learned from this experience was how to keep up a healthy lifestyle which is so important. In college I will admit my lifestyle isn’t so healthy. Eating food that is good for me and exercising daily has improved my way of life and made me feel great.

I have made many friends throughout this experience and have met many very different people from all over the world. I have had to mature and learn how to handle certain situations as an adult. Unfortunately there were two people in our apartment building that were not so kind. And having to live with them taught me some key life skills which I am eternally grateful for. Skills that we will all need to know as we get older because the reality is not everyone you meet will be kind. As a speaker once said in my small group make sure you keep your heart soft and your skin tough. That is one of the life lessons I learned here. Aside from the not so- nice- people, I have met some amazing people. My apartment building housed some of the world’s next leaders. I have never been around so many young, accomplished and motivated people in my entire life. I know years from now my housemates will be doing exceptional. I also had the experience to meet some of the kindest people I know.

All together this was the best experience of my life. I can’t wait to go back some day. I also want to say thank you to all of my friends, family, and teachers that supported me throughout this experience. Thanks so much to everyone that believed and invested in me. It was not done in vain.


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