Waiting: Airport edition

I had some extra time (3 hours) waiting at the airport so I decided to do a quick post about my airport rituals and tips and such. So I am a pretty frequent flyer. I usually fly American, but my all-time favorite airline is Southwest. Southwest Airline has my heart for a few reasons, 1) There isn’t assigned seating initially. The earlier you check in online or in person the closer to the front you get. It’s great. 2) Checking a bag is FREE! Yes, that’s right FREE. American, United, Delta, and almost every other major airline you have to pay at least $25 to check a bag which is ridiculous. It was not always like this I remember when it was free and you had numerous bags to be checked. Anyway I like southwest. 3) They still give PEANUTS no other airline I have been on gives peanuts. It’s always drinks then like $50 for a snack. (I’m exaggerating but you get it.) 4) They are pretty good with cheap last minute tickets. For the most part, I have used southwest for cheap last minute tickets and have been very satisfied.

Side note: Swiss airlines gives you chocolate.

I am pretty much an expert at the Charlotte Douglas Airport they have a wonderful Bojangles and Chik fil a if you’re looking for a good meal. It’s my favorite airport so far in the US. My favorite airport was the one in Dubai but you know everything is prettier and fancier there. While in the airport for a long trip and waiting I have to things I usually do: buy some sort of candy and buy a magazine. (When I go from school to home I usually don’t have hours and never buy anything). These are essentials to keep you out of boredom. This  time I brought a book from home that I need to read. The book is called Unqualified by Steven Furtick. (He’s an amazing pastor that is truly being used by God.) Maybe I’ll do a review or reflection on it once I’m done. Also very important DO NOT leave your headphones especially if you’re travelling alone. If you have an approachable face like myself they won’t stop people from asking you questions, but you’ll be entertained during moments of boredom.

This was my little thing about airports. If I have anything extra to tell you I’ll let you know. And as always if you have any questions, comments, or concerns please feel free to leave comments in the comment section. Also follow my Instagram @lifeasmalpal for more pictures.

Carpe diem,




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