“Only when we are no longer afraid do we begin to live.”

My quote for the week is due to the recent events. The unjustified shooting of African- Americans and the senseless shooting of police offers. As an American- American woman who has a brother, a father, black male friends, and will hopefully have a son who will at least be half black this has been a very emotional week for me. I have had discussions among my family as well as my black and white peers about all of these events. All I can say is we as humans have lost the value we had on human life. We have cared more about so many other things than each other. We have put other things above the safety and care of our fellow human. If we as people cared so much about each other as we did about the silly gorilla so many of our problems would be solved.

We also have let fear of the unknown cloud our judgement. We have let prejudices and stereotypes take over our minds and have made decisions using these stereotypes and prejudices. It has got to stop. The first step is having an open discussions. When we are able to openly discuss our problems we can come up with solutions. I personally don’t have a solution. I know what I want. I want people to stop killing people. I want to feel safe and I want my family and friends to feel safe. How to get there I’m not the one with the answer yet, but one day I may be or you may have it. The only way to know is through discussion. I encourage all of you whether you are a POC or white to have open discussions with your friends and family. We have come a long way in this country, but we have a lot further to go and I believe we can get there.


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