I’m back

Sorry for this long wait since I have last written for you. I’ve been really busy with my jobs. But I am back. I will try to be more consistent especially because I want to let you know things going on in real time. I want this blog from now on to be a help to people. I am not even close to perfect. To be completely honest these last two weeks I have been a little discouraged because of the scale. I know the rule “don’t trust the scale trust your jeans” but it is still a bit discouraging. I haven’t been losing as much as I wanted. I had been weighing myself at least once a day sometimes even twice, but after getting some advice from a natural path. I will only be weighing myself at the beginning of the month and at the end of the month. Hopefully my morale will come up.

When you’re feeling discouraged sometimes it’s best to switch up your routine. That is something I did this week. Last week I visited a natural path (that will be another post), it was the kick I needed. I highly recommend everyone going at least once to a natural path or nutritionist. I have been to both and it has been very beneficial. They have equipment and knowledge that teaches you so much about your body. Sometimes that’s what you need. If you can afford it, do it. The things about nutritionist and natural paths are they are not covered by your insurance. Like my doctor says insurance covers doesn’t cover you when you’re trying to get healthy only when you’re already unhealthy. It is very important though because to truly get healthy you need to know about your body to properly help it.

What I have been doing and suggestions:

  1. Exercise: I never stopped exercising. Over these past few weeks I have continued my routine of waking up and exercising. No matter what has gone on I have maintained my exercise which is really important. Exercising at least 30 minutes 5 times a week will do nothing but HELP your weight loss journey. I personally do a lot of walking/ jogging. I do the elliptical, the bike, and the stairs. I also occasionally do some of the weight machines (I admit I get nervous when I use the machines because I don’t like people watching me. I feel like I do it incorrectly. It’s just not something I want to do. Eventually I do though.)
  2. Eating: have now for a week started eating for my blood type. I’m not sure how many of you have heard of this tactic, but it’s what my natural path suggested. She lost 97lbs in 9 months doing this diet so I’m sticking with it. This week, which was the first week, was difficult. I would eat oatmeal, my healthy smoothie, and vegetables and protein for dinner. I have not had corn or corn products, wheat, or sugar. As well as eating the right things for my blood type. I’ll do a post about it soon and let you know how I feel and how it works.
  3. I have also been taking It Works Fat Fighters. These block the carbs you’re eating. I’ll be blogging about it soon.
  4. I have also started using My Fitness Pal (add me: malmal131). I have heard nothing but positives about people using this app. So I will be using it and getting an update.

I’ll try to post a few more times week. Please share with your friends and family. I really want to help people anyone that needs it. Losing weight is hard and it will be easier when you have support and inspiration. As always if you have any questions, comments, or concerns please feel free to leave comments in the comment section. Also follow my Instagram @lifeasmalpal and @__fitqueens__ for more pictures. I want everyone reading this to know you can do it. Loosing weigh is so very hard. I understand that it hard and we are doing this together. Get connected with me share with me your story email wanderlustingandcarpediem@gmail.com.


Carpe diem,





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