Yummy in my Tummy

Today I have decided to do a post about food. My last post about the wonderful country of The Bahamas is about a little sea snail called: conch. According to dictionary.com conch is ā€œtheĀ spiralĀ shellĀ ofĀ aĀ gastropod, anyĀ ofĀ variousĀ marineĀ gastropods, and theĀ fabledĀ shellĀ trumpetĀ ofĀ theĀ Tritons.ā€ And it is GOOD! When we first arrived on the island all everyone talked about was conch- conch […]

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Rest and Relax

So yesterday was just a relaxing day. We didnā€™t take a tour or visit any special places. We just relaxed. Itā€™s always been hard for me to relax because sometimes I feel as if thereā€™s so many things I need to do. I woke and ate a nice hearty breakfast of Special K vanilla (still […]

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Nature Day

  So yesterday was Nature Day. We started our adventure about 1pm visiting the Garden of the Groves. The Garden of the Groves is best described as a nature habitat. It was named after the man who spruced up Freeport. The garden was filled with many birds ranging from parrots to geese. The geese just […]

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Cruisin’ Down the Ocean

Hey everyone, So today we finally made it to the Bahamas after two days of traveling. We spent the night on a cruise ship. My first time ever and it was a blast. It was like a town with lots of pools. There were two pools, a theatre, two clubs, and a buffet center. After […]

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Waiting: Airport edition

I had some extra time (3 hours) waiting at the airport so I decided to do a quick post about my airport rituals and tips and such. So I am a pretty frequent flyer. I usually fly American, but my all-time favorite airline is Southwest. Southwest Airline has my heart for a few reasons, 1) […]

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My Next Adventure

Hiya friends, So Iā€™m going on an international trip! This time it is completely a vacation. Yay! Iā€™m super excited. I will be going to the Bahamas!!!!!! Yes, thatā€™s right the beautiful Caribbean country that screams paradise and happiness. I will be gone for an entire week for my best friendā€™s birthday celebration. I will […]

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1 Year Anniversary

I canā€™t believe itā€™s been an entire year since I left for Oman. Thatā€™s just crazy to me. I had an amazing time and so many incredible experiences. This post is really about a recap of that experience and my reflection this past year. Recap. For those who are just reading my blog for the […]

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So by now Iā€™m sure everyone is back in school from their winter break. For some people school has been well on its way. This semester for me my focus has become very different. In the past, I admit having fun and enjoying life was at the top of my list of every school year. […]

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New Year, New You- Yeah right

2015 is almost over and the Instagram and Facebook post about it being a new year and people changing and people becoming better people. Some of laugh at those people because we all know those are the main people that this time next year will be in the same exact place. I know I have […]

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What Christmas break means now

Christmas was always a fun time of the year for me even before college. Every year we went shopping for a real Christmas tree, made Christmas cookies, and watched 25 days of Christmas. As Christmas we also placed a high importance on the fat that it is also Jesusā€™ birthday. We read the Christmas story […]

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