Forbidden Cities and Heavenly Temples

I apologize its been so long since I have updated you. I’ve been so tired because we have really long days and pack so much into those days. It’s a good tired though. I don’t want to miss out on anything. Three days ago we walked the grounds of the Temple of Heaven and two … Continue reading Forbidden Cities and Heavenly Temples


Great Time at the Great Wall

"Extensive and Unbroken- the Great Wall's long name." It’s been two days since I have walked the Great Wall. It’s still a little painful walking up stairs, but I will live. Walking the Great Wall was such a feat. I am so proud of myself. One of the things I want to accomplish before I … Continue reading Great Time at the Great Wall

Just do it!

It’s two days before my trip and I am so ready. I’m almost done packing (I’m a late packer most of the time I pack the night or morning before), I’ve planned out my outfits. I’ve notified my bank and T-mobile that I’m going to China. I’m set. Let’s do this. I’m excited. There’s always … Continue reading Just do it!

My Weekend Away

This past weekend I had the incredible opportunity to go on a retreat with some members of my university. This was no “normal retreat”. When I told my- for lack of a better word- non “religious” friends (I put that in quotes because I don’t like the term religious. I will explain later.), they thought … Continue reading My Weekend Away